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These cartridges are a faithful reproduction of the originals, and come completed up to the point of adding gunpowder.


By far the most prevalent of Civil War small arms ammunition, the .58cal “Minié ball” was a new design at the start of the war, and was put to devastating use on the battlefield. The hollow base of the bullet allowed the thin skirt to expand and grip the rifling grooves tightly, enabling a rifleman to shoot accurately at an area target over 500 yards distant. The paper cartridge constructed around the projectile allowed him to load and fire at a sustained rate of 2 to 3 rounds a minute. This combination of speed and accuracy made the battle lines of the Civil War catastrophically more deadly than in years past. The casualty rates stand as a somber tribute to the effectiveness of the Minié bullet.


These cartridges are constructed of sturdy paper wrapped around a soft lead, .575cal Minié ball lubricated with the 1861 recipe of 8 parts beeswax, 1 part mutton tallow. The top of the cartridge is open and ready to receive a charge of powder. Included is a stamped Arsenal wrapper so that you can bundle your completed cartridges. An illustrated instruction sheet will guide you through the proper method of folding the rounds shut. All materials and processes are historically accurate, and have been based off the instructions found in the 1861 US Army Ordnance Manual.


Ten rounds come in each pack- just add powder and they’re ready for the range!

Want to try your hand at constructing your own cartridges? Click here to try out our .58 Caliber Minié Paper Cartridge Kit!

Pre-constructed .58cal Minié Cartridges, 10rds

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