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Historically correct inert cartridges for display or demonstration! This product consists of ten inert musket cartridges, bundled in a period-correct Arsenal wrapper.

The Pattern 1853 Enfield musket was widely used in the American Civil War by both Union and Confederate soldiers. Enfield cartridges consisted of a single, smooth-sided conical bullet, called a Pritchett ball, wrapped in patching paper which was dipped in lubricant. To load, the top- or tail- was ripped off, and the powder poured down the bore. Then, the entire cartridge was inverted, inserted into the muzzle up to the lubricant line, then the excess paper which has contained the powder was snapped off, and the patched ball rammed home.

Instead of powder, we've filled the cartridges with a charge of 68 grains- or 2 1/2 drams- of coarse, black sand to simulate the size and weight of a real charge. The ten rounds are bundled in a period-correct Arsenal package. The stamp is copied from an original Civil War cartridge bundle.

We also offer inert display cartridges in .58cal "Miniè" and Buck & Ball patterns!

INERT .577cal Enfield Cartridges 10rd Arsenal Pack

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