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Perfect for living history displays and reenactments, these inert musket cartridges are sure to complete your Civil War-era impression! Ten rounds come bundled in a period-correct Arsenal wrapper, affixed with a label copied from an original ammunition bundle.

Buckshot cartridges were widely used by irregular warfighters of the 18th and 19th Century, and proved to be deadly at close range in the thick underbrush of the American frontier. A favorite of cavalry raiders during the Civil War, a charge of buckshot turned any regular smooth bore musket into a shotgun.

Our display cartridges are built to original 19th Century specifications: four tiers of three, cal.311 buckshot are wrapped up in sturdy, brown paper and fixed with flax twine. Instead of powder, we've filled the cartridges with a charge of 110 grains of coarse, black sand to simulate the size and weight of a real charge. The ten rounds are bundled in a period-correct Arsenal package, the label of which is copied from an original Civil War cartridge bundle.

We also offer .69cal "Buck & Ball" inert cartridges- click here to take a look!

INERT Buckshot Cartridges, 10rd Arsenal Pack

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