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Buckshot cartridges were widely used by irregular warfighters of the 18th and 19th Century, and proved to be deadly at close range in the thick underbrush of the American frontier. A favorite of cavalry raiders during the Civil War, a charge of buckshot turned any regular smooth bore musket into a shotgun.

These kits are designed to provide the materials to construct twenty buckshot cartridges for smooth bore muskets between .66 and .75 caliber. The cartridge design is replicated from the 1841 US Army Ordnance Manual.

The kits include:
- 240, .31cal lead buckshot.
- Large cartridge papers with wadding.
- A forming dowel.
- Flax twine for fixing cartridges.
- A choking cord assembly and stand.
- An illustrated instruction sheet complete with historical data to walk you through the process of constructing cartridges.

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Buckshot Cartridge Kit, 20rds, .66-.72cal Musket

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