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Throughout the Civil War, .54 caliber muskets of various design were issued to troops of both sides, including the imported Austrian Lorenz rifle, and the venerable old M1841 Mississippi Rifle, a veteran of the Mexican War. The conical Minié-style projectile was developed for use in these rifles, as was a modern paper cartridge to facilitate speedy reload on the battlefield.

This kit is designed to provide you with the materials to make 20 of your own fully functional cartridges of this pattern, historically accurate for Civil War-era impressions (due to shipping constraints, however, black powder is not included). The kits feature:

- 20, .535cal pure lead Minié balls.
- Cartridge papers of soft, off-white newsprint.
- Twine to fix and bundle cartridges.
- A forming dowel.
- A choking cord assembly/stand.
- Two wrappers with historically correct arsenal labels to bundle your completed cartridges.

Detailed, illustrated instructions included within the kit will walk you through the historical process of constructing cartridges.

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Cartridge Kit, .54cal Minié, 20rds

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