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These cartridges are a faithful reproduction of the originals, and come completed up to the point of adding gunpowder.


The British Land Pattern Musket, or Brown Bess, was one of the longest serving infantry weapons in world history. British infantrymen would often construct cartridges of sturdy paper tied shut with twine to facilitate speedy reloading on the battlefield.

The ball is of pure lead and .690 caliber. Wrapped around it is a jacket of sturdy, unbleached paper tied shut with flax twine. Instructions on how to fill and fold your cartridges are included.


Twenty rounds come in each pack- just add powder and they’re ready for the range!


Constructing cartridges was a valuable skill for a British Infantryman- click here to take a look at our DIY Brown Bess Cartridge Kits!

Pre-constructed Brown Bess Cartridges, 20rds

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