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These cartridges are a faithful reproduction of the originals, and come completed up to the point of adding gunpowder.


The British Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket was the most widely used weapon of foreign manufacture during the Civil War, and served the armies of both North and South faithfully during the conflict. The rifle was most effectively used along with specifically patterned cartridges containing a smooth-sided “Pritchett” bullet. Cartridges of this type were manufactured at several locations in the South during the War, however many were imported from factories in Great Britain, smuggled past the Union Navy by industrious blockade runners.

Each pack of 10 cartridges come fully completed up until the point of adding black powder. The bullet is a .563cal pure lead ‘Pritchett’ bullet, with smooth sides and a hollow base. They are wrapped in sturdy paper in accordance to British Army regulations, and are dipped in the period correct beeswax/mutton tallow lubricant. Illustrated instructions will detail the process of completing and loading your rounds. Also featured is a stamped Arsenal wrapper to bundle your cartridges in the period-correct manner. The stamp is a copy of surviving originals from the time period.

Ten rounds come in each pack- just add powder and they’re ready for the range!

Interested in trying your hand at constructing cartridges for your Enfield rifle musket? Click here to have a look at our Enfield cartridge kits!

Pre-constructed .577cal Enfield Cartridges, 10rds

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