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Perfect for living history displays and reenactments, these inert musket cartridges are sure to complete your Revolutionary War-era impression!

The Charleville Musket was the standard infantry arm for the French Army for well over a century. It was supplied to the Continental Army during the American Revolution at the behest of the Marquis de Lafayette, and used by many a faithful Continental against his British adversary. To facilitate speedy reloading, the soldier would construct cartridges containing both powder and shot out of whatever paper he could find around the camp.

Our display cartridges are built to original 18th Century specifications: one lead .648cal musket ball, wrapped up in colonial-style newsprint, with text from various publications from the 1770’s printed on the outer face. Instead of powder, we've filled the cartridges with a charge of 150 grains of coarse, black sand to simulate the size and weight of a real charge. Ten rounds come with each order.

We also offer inert Brown Bess cartridges for display or demonstration. Click here to see!

INERT Display Cartridges, Charleville Musket, 10rds

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