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Perfect for living history displays and reenactments, these inert musket cartridges are sure to complete your Civil War-era impression! By the start of the American Civil War, smooth bore .69 caliber muskets had been a staple of US Army arsenals for nearly a century. Soldiers had carried them to victory in three large scale wars on the American continent, and various factories across the United States had began manufacturing them on a wide scale in the first half of the 19th Century. By the 1860's, despite the advent of the more accurate rifle musket, the venerable .69 caliber muskets remained in smaller-scale service for the duration of the War Between the States. Our display cartridges are built to original 19th Century specifications: one lead .66cal musket ball, wrapped up in sturdy, brown paper, tied shut with flax cord. Instead of powder, we've filled the cartridges with a charge of 110 grains of coarse, black sand to simulate the size and weight of a real charge. The ten rounds are bundled in a period-correct Arsenal package. The stamp is copied from an original Civil War cartridge bundle.We also offer these inert display cartridges in .69cal Buck & Ball configuration- click here to see!

INERT .69 Round Ball Cartridges, 10rd Arsenal Pack

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