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Présentez armes!

The Charleville Musket was the standard infantry arm for the French Army for well over a century. It was supplied to the Continental Army during the American Revolution at the behest of the Marquis de Lafayette, and used by many a faithful Continental against his British adversary. To facilitate speedy reloading, the soldier would construct cartridges containing both powder and shot out of whatever paper he could find around the camp.

This kit is designed to provide the materials to construct 40 cartridges of this type. The newsprint is of various Continental publications from the 1770's, and is designed to be cut into trapezoidal sections before using. The kit features:

- 40, cal.648 pure lead musket balls.
- 22 rectangular newsprint sections, to be cut into trapezoids for cartridge papers.
- A forming dowel.
- An illustrated instruction sheet, complete with historical data to walk you through the process of constructing cartridges.

Have your own projectiles or want to construct blank cartridges? Click here to see our 80-round Charleville kit without musket balls!


Charleville Musket Cartridge Kit, 40rds

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