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Fill your cartridge box with historically correct, fully functional cartridges for your .69 caliber rifle or musket!

All materials are included except for lubricant and black powder due to shipping concerns. The two printed arsenal labels provided are copied from surviving originals, and allow you to bundle your completed cartridges into ten-round packs identical to those issued to troops before a campaign. Detailed, illustrated instructions will guide you through the historical process of constructing your own cartridges.

The kits feature:
- 20 cal.685 pure lead Miniè balls.
- Cartridge papers of sturdy, newsprint-type paper.
- Flax cordage for fixing cartridges and ammunition bundles.
- A .69 caliber forming dowel.
- A choking cord assembly and stand.
- 2 arsenal wrappers with labels for bundling completed rounds.
- A detailed instruction sheet.

The completed cartridges are correct for either Federal or Confederate impressions in any period or theatre of the American Civil War.

Need minie ball lubricant? Check out our authentic 1861 US Army recipe grease!

Cartridge Kit, .69cal Minié, 20rds

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