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Fill your cartridge box with authentic, 18th or 19th Century-style paper cartridges for your Hawken, Kentucky, or other .50 caliber muzzle loading rifle!

The early American militia outfits across the country often armed themselves with rugged, handmade, and deadly accurate rifles of various designs. On the frontier, pioneers would have loaded them using the traditional powder measure, flask, and cloth patch; however in a pitched battle, they may have resorted to the much quicker method of the paper cartridge.

These kits include all of the necessary materials (minus black powder and lubricant) to make 40 cartridges of this type. Illustrated instructions walk you through same construction method that would have been used by these minutemen on the eve of battle. The kits include:

- 40 cal.490 pure lead round balls with muslin patches.
- Trapezoidal cartridge papers of tough, brown paper.
- A .50 caliber forming dowel.
- Unbleached flax cord for fixing the cartridges.
- A wooden choking cord assembly and stand.
- A detailed, illustrated instruction sheet.

We also offer kits for Revolutionary War-era smooth bore muskets- click here to take a look! 

Cartridge Kit, .50cal Round Ball, 40rds

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