The 1861 US Army Ordnance Manual describes how .58cal "ball" cartridges are to be packed to ship to the troops on the front lines:

"Cartridges are packed in boxes containing 1,000 each... [they are] made of white pine boards... nailed together, and and are furnished with wooden brackets or handles nailed to the ends with wrought nails."

The boxes were painted with a specific color to denote the type of cartridges contained therein. For .58cal "ball" cartridges, the boxes were painted OD green, and stenciled on the sides with the amount and type of ammunition inside.

These boxes are copied from surviving examples from the Civil War, and they measure 14.75 x 10.75 x 6.38 inches. They are useful for storing ammunition, equipment, or certain items that you wouldn't want to have on open display around the campsite. Each comes with two wooden blocks bundled up with a stamped Arsenal wrapper as dummy ammunition packs.

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Ammunition Box, 1,000 .58cal Ball Cartridges