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This kit does not include musket balls, and is intended for those who have their own projectiles, or who wish to construct blank cartridges.


The British Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket was the most widely used weapon of foreign manufacture during the Civil War, and served the armies of both North and South faithfully during the conflict. The rifle was most effectively used along with specifically patterned cartridges containing a smooth-sided “Pritchett” bullet. Cartridges of this type were manufactured at several locations in the South during the War, however many were imported from factories in Great Britain, smuggled past the Union Navy by industrious blockade runners.

This kit includes all the necessary materials to make 50 historically correct American Civil War-era paper cartridges, minus gunpowder and projectiles. Detailed, illustrated instructions will walk you through the historical process of cartridge construction, a skill that every British Infantryman was required to learn. The kits feature:

- Cartridge papers, of historically correct measurement and material.
- Cartridge mandrel and former.
- 5 historically correct stamped Arsenal wrappers and a length of twine with which to bundle your completed cartridges.
- Detailed, illustrated instructions.

These cartridges would be period correct for either a Confederate Civil War impression, or a British Imperial impression. 


These kits are also available with musket balls- click here to see!

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Cartridge Kit, .577cal Enfield, 50rds NO PROJECTILES

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